Even though many workers are gravitating toward relaxed office environments, the conference room remains a vital part of the workplace. They offer private space for larger meetings, provide an area to discuss confidential topics, and accommodate formal gatherings. A home to meetings and collaborative sessions, conference rooms are a key component of your office. They are home to collaboration and a spot to make a design statement. Here are five of our favorite conference rooms designs.

1. The Modern Conference Room

Elegant conference chairs placed around a long table creates a modern conference room setting. These spaces are equipped for large teams and provide equal access as meeting participants gather around the table. Perfect for idea sharing and collaboration, the modern conference room supports today’s creative worker.

The Potrero415 Table paired with Massaud Conference Seating provides a new standard of craft and residential sensibility in today’s modern conference room.

2. The Relaxed Conference Room

A more relaxed atmosphere in the conference room encourages collaboration, creativity and the flow of ideas. A conference table at a lower height and a supportive lounge chair offer comfort for long meetings and put attendees at ease.

The SW_1 Lounge Chair and SW_1 Conference Table create a relaxed atmosphere for collaboration.

3. The Studio

Meetings often happen outside traditional conference rooms. Today, creativity requires destinations that foster active engagement and equal opportunity to contribute. A studio space, often with a standing height table and wall space for sharing and iterating, can make the creative process more collaborative.

John Hamilton, Coalesse Director of Global Design, gathers his team around a standing height table. Exponents Mobile Display creates a space for sharing content and ideas.

4. The Cafe

Employees seek cafe spaces to connect and refresh, and they have become a popular spot for face-to-face meetings. Designed with a “third place” vibe, cafes in the office provide a friendlier, more welcoming atmosphere than a traditional, private conference room.

Shortcut X Base by turnstone is sleek and modern, perfect for the design of a cafe meeting space.

5. The Ideation Hub

When colleagues need to create and collaborate, a space that encourages movement and features technology is key. Stool-height seating provides equal opportunity to contribute as people co-create, refine and share ideas. These settings support generative collaboration sessions and promote the fluid interaction between people, ideas, tools and technology. Learn more about the Ideation Hub.

Montara650 Stools and Microsoft Surface Hub enable teammates to interact and create during a meeting.