We’ve scoured the Internet for recent interesting articles about workplace design trends. When you’re ready for a creative break, take a moment to scroll through these stories. Did you read a great article this month on workplace trends? Share it in the comments.


What we learned in San Francisco about billion dollar startups 
At an event featuring the workplaces of billion dollar startups, designers talked about the role of workplaces in recruiting both talent and investors. Designers from Google, Dropbox and Pinterest share their insights on the value of workplace design. 
Read tips on creating a workspace worthy of a billion dollar startup.

Is the ‘world’s healthiest workplace’ in Melbourne?
Melbourne-based health insurance firm Medibank’s new space is designed to promote the mental, psychological and physical wellbeing of employees. The building gives staff the flexibility to choose different spaces depending on the type of work and also provides outdoor sporting facilities and green spaces.
Read more about this new workspace. 

How movement is changing company culture
Movement is an important part of wellbeing in the workplace, and more designers are thoughtfully incorporating ways for employees to be active during the workday into their space designs. 
Read about the three trends bringing movement to the office.

How do you cope with noise in the workplace? 
We’ve all been annoyed by the loud talking co-worker or the hum of the copy machine when we’re trying to focus. Noise in the workplace can be a huge distraction, so creating private spaces where employees can retreat when distracted is key.
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