This post was written by John Hamilton, director of Global Design for Coalesse. Are you, like John, inspired by the design and craft that goes into producing Carl Hansen & Son furniture? If so, check out Coalesse's Carl Hansen & Son Blank Canvas Contest.

As part of my role at Coalesse, I sometimes get the opportunity to experience something that otherwise I wouldn't have been privy to. Recently, I was able to visit our partner Knud Erik Hansen of Carl Hansen & Son and to see his home in the Funen countryside. 

Carl Hansen & Son (CH&S) is known for its portfolio of Hans Wegner masterpieces, and this year Coalesse is lucky enough to have added two more of these designs to its offering: the CH468 Oculus Chair and the CH88 Chair.

The Oculus is a simply wonderful, fully upholstered lounge chair that was designed in 1960 by Hans J. Wegner but not put into production for 50 years. The CH88 is a simple and elegant side chair comprosed of a steam-bent wooden back rest with a steel frame which is also stackable.

While in Denmark, we were able to watch the making of these chairs and many others in the CH&S portfolio. I saw the materials and processes used to create the products, along with the craft and pride that goes into every piece produced – it was truly inspirational.

I also had an opportunity to visit the new Carl Hansen & Son showroom in Copenhagen, SP34 (the latest Copenhagen hotel to be outfitted with Carl Hansen & Son furnishings), and many of the local shops that retail CH&S products. All of these were incredible representations of how the brand is an international icon.

As a designer and a maker myself, I always look for others who have passion for what they do and how they do it. While in Denmark with the Carl Hansen & Son employees, I found a kinship, a belief that simple ideas done really well do matter and that having rigor and belief in the DNA of a design makes a difference. Remembering our past and improving on how we do what we do, will differentiate and sustain.

I always feel lucky to be part of such a great organization and to have the opportunity to experience new things – but it is after visiting our partners around the world and getting to know the incredible talents that Coalesse is working with that I truly know how lucky I am to be a part of this next phase in our history.