Every year around the beginning of June, I get this funny feeling in my stomach. It’s a good and an anxious feeling.  A good feeling because I know NeoCon is only a couple weeks away…an anxious feeling because I know NeoCon is only a couple weeks away!  There is a part of me that dreads the long days and nights of NeoCon, but then I get excited about the energy around the event and the opportunity to show off our brand.

I felt the same this year, but what WAS different was Coalesse. When I walked into our showroom on Sunday, I was immediately energized.  Our space had undergone an amazing transformation.  Kathryn Amengual, Coalesse Sales Consultant, said, “I thought the showroom looked fantastic.  It was open and bright and such a refreshing change.”  In my opinion, which is what a blog is all about, this was our best showroom in our 7 year existence.  The reason is simple: the space told our brand story better than ever before.

Lew Epstein, Coalesse General Manager, has communicated on many occasions that we now have a greater focus on the 2nd place, the office, with influence from what we have learned from the 1st  place (home) and 3rd places (other places we choose to work, such as coffee shops).  With three central themes of comfort, craft, and customization, the Coalesse showroom was on point to clearly communicate our brand.

We continued to emphasize spaces that empower social connection, creative collaboration, and personal focus and rejuvenation. Zones were set up demonstrating adjacencies and thoughtful applications in each of these areas utilizing new and existing products alike.  It made the flow of the tours feel connected and the message easy to communicate. “I thought the showroom made brilliant sense of current work trends and illustrated how relevant Coalesse is in those areas,” said Barbara Nevis, Coalesse Sales Consultant.

The new fouronefive_CO table wowed guests at NeoCon 2015.

What also energized me (beside the fabulous Coalesse Craft Coffee Blend) were the new products. The comfort and refinement of the Massaud Conference Seating Collection was impressive, and the fouronefive_CO table and sixfivezero_seating collection were HUGE hits!  In my 30 years in the business, I have never given so many tours and not once…and I want to be clear…not once did anyone ask how much fouronefive_CO costs!  To me, this indicates they understood the “why” behind the product, which in sales and design, is what you want. They understood why the product was special and why they want it. 

New sixfivezero_CO chairs, Denizen storage tower, and Holy Day Table together create a setting for social connection or creative collaboration.

Comfort, craft, and customization were highlighted by many of our products. The amazing CH468 Oculus and CH88 chair from Carl Hansen, the new ARZU Modern Collection of rugs, <5_MY and the exciting experimentation of integrating technology in the Massaud Wingback Lounge were all easy to talk about and easy for our clients to embrace.

As you can tell, I could go on and on about the 2015 NeoCon experience this year at Coalesse, but I will bring this to an end with one last note from Barbara Nevis because I couldn't have said it any better:” We DID – and  DO – bring new life to work!”