I have lost track of the number of NeoCons I’ve attended.  I participated in my first NeoCon  as a customer, and discovered that  when you are a young, doe-eyed designer and can make the most of the Chicago nightlife, being the customer serves you very well for those early morning appointments. Now, many years later, I still enjoy my time in Chicago for this fabulous show, but I find I need to balance my WORK with my (night)LIFE a bit more deliberately.  

This year I was struck by just how acutely most of us are living the mantra of our brand. As the lines between life and work continue to blur, we are all seeking new ways to integrate the diverse parts of our lives into each day.

This notion played out right before my eyes as I watched and engaged with many of you seeking to find this balance in the midst of this wonderfully hectic event.  It's really cool to see our collection of new products doing what they were intended to do. I noticed how many of you sought to find the right “spot” to put your feet up for a moment of respite and focus – to plug in and “enjoy” the technology that keeps you so connected to all the parts of your life. I was proud to see the Coalesse showroom supporting the moments you stole away from the chaos to rebalance and recharge.   The range of settings throughout our showroom provided an opportunity to collaborate and socialize with co-workers and customers as well as reconnect with industry friends you might not see very often. The vibe of the space, layered with the energy created through your engagement and interaction—served as a great reminder to me that our efforts to support the “new work day” really do make a difference in how inspiring a work place can be!

NeoCon 2014 was a very positive experience for me. I had an opportunity to meet with many of our customers and talk with them about how we can help them to create inspiring spaces that support their work. I also received a lot of great feedback that tells me we are on the right track… but the most revealing thing about NeoCon 2014 is how it felt. The showroom was a place I wanted to be. I felt engaged, I felt connected and I felt inspired. I hope you did too.