<!–should be script height=”338px” width=”600px” src=”http://player.ooyala.com/iframe.js#pbid=88f282dff23642f99eed14942cb28ad2&ec=NyZ3BzcjrIhGMZ_RQ9qtNZeimP7Nzj61″ /script–!> <!–this gets lost if you change the view of this page to Visual, make sure to change it back–!>The Portland Business Journal’s feature Cool Spaces focused on local tech company Smarsh’s new office in downtown Portland.

SmithCFI is proud to have helped Smarsh create an inspiring office space that reflects a unique design approach tailored to their business objectives.

Read the main article, Cool Spaces: Peek inside Smarsh’s sleek new 3-story office.

Check out the accompanying photo gallery here.