At NeoCon 2017, we discussed creative expression and shared new custom capabilities in the Coalesse showroom. We believe engaging the design community in customizing our products can empower more personalized and meaningful outcomes.

We’ve organized our custom capabilities into six primary categories of design that we can affect –– color, pattern & material, and features, size & shape.

This year, we are expanding our custom capabilities in color, pattern and material  – providing more creative freedom to personalize our furnishings in highly visible and expressive ways.





We empower designers to express their own point of view through the Coalesse Color program, with infinite color options on select products. This capability is a tool for ultimate freedom of expression. Available in North America, designers can choose any standard paint color or any color to match on select Coalesse product lines – through a new Specials process that makes customization easy. Learn more about this capability in our Q&A blog post.

In the showroom, this capability was shown on several participating pieces, such the new Montara650 Lounge (shown in the image above), SW_1 Lounge and LessThanFive Chair.



Coalesse looked to nature and to the principle of biophilia as the starting point for developing patterns that would convey a sense of the natural world and respond to a more human-centered workplace experience. The resulting explorations are abstractions created through a meticulous process of iteration and reduction.

To provide designers with a starting point for how to think about applying pattern to Coalesse products, the Coalesse Design Group has developed a program of pre-set options that may be further broadened through custom capabilities.

“We had been researching and then creating exploratory patterns and natural color ranges that were part of our vernacular. The thing we were intrigued by is how to create more symbolic or subtle cues from nature, because we know that the brain is wired to automatically recognize those patterns and fill them in,” said John Hamilton, Coalesse Director of Design. “Our patterns and referential colors tap into that sensibility with the variety, interest and stimulation that we benefit from as human beings—but without being limited by a more literal translation.”

The program, previewing this year at NeoCon and launching in fall 2017, will include Coalesse patterns applied to the the LessThanFive Chair, textiles and glass tops through Designtex, and felt rugs in collaboration with Peace Industry.



We believe that materials enrich our products in essential ways and can provide inherent color, distinct pattern or long-lasting performance. Solid, natural materials – including select hardwoods and stone – create enduring surfaces that can last and improve with age for generations. Solid, composite materials possess unique qualities that deliver a consistent appearance and high performance when required.

New solid surface materials, including hardwoods, stone and composites, were previewed at NeoCon, and will be offered this Fall as Specials on select Potero415 tables. These new materials further expand our custom capabilities toolbox and engage customers as participants in the final outcome.

With increased capabilities for color, pattern and material, designers have more creative resources at their fingertips than ever before. It’s an exciting time to create with Coalesse.

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