More than ever, organizations are looking to teams to solve the challenges of doing business in a world that’s more interconnected and complicated each day. The stakes keep getting higher, and innovation is no longer the exclusive purview of market leaders. For any business, innovation is essential and it requires teamwork.

To bring in diverse perspectives and speed outcomes, many teams are now made up of people distributed throughout the world. Because seeing each other in real time carries so many advantages, they are turning to video for day-to-day collaboration.

Although it provides a wealth of content compared to other technologies, video can also exacerbate the tensions of presence disparity—i.e., when the experience of teammates who are participating remotely is disadvantaged compared to those working side-by-side.

Often misunderstood or overlooked, the destructive impact of presence disparity is substantial. It can slow progress, aggravate mistrust and deflate engagement. When that happens, ROI on the technology is overwhelmingly negative.

Through research, Steelcase has gained a deep understanding of presence disparity. We’ve translated our insights into hardworking workplace solutions that fuse physical and virtual experiences to amplify the performance of individuals, teams and entire enterprises.

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