Workers want to spend time in a space that’s inviting, comfortable, and supports their needs. So this month, our Coalesse collective design news is focused on the personal touches in the office that reflect our unique personalities and team cultures.

How do you personalize your space? How has your team made your space unique? Do you proudly display a special item? Tell us in the comments below.

Use furniture to personalize your space

Insights from the recent American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey identify recent trends that help homeowners create unique spaces. These findings impact the workplace as offices try to mimic homes to increase appeal to workers.

Have more fun with plants at work

Vertical gardens are a huge trend in workspaces right now, and greenery in the office benefits employee wellbeing. Create a plant installation in your office with these tips from Woolly Pocket on 

How to organize your workspace for increased productivity

Interior designer Will Saks shares five tips that will optimize your workspace in this Gear Patrol article. How do you create a productive workspace?    

Do messy desks lead to more creativity? 

Your desk is a reflection of your personality and work style, but does it make you more creative? Fast Company discusses the benefits a messy desk can have on your creative flow.