Six years ago, the SW_1 Collection began ushering in more comfortable and collaborative work environments for innovation with relaxed postures. Three inches lower than conventional seating and tables, the SW_1 low collaborative offering is a conference/lounge hybrid that creates a more intimate and comfortable environment.

It’s become a favorite for conference rooms, work cafes and even in-between spaces where colleagues can land for casual conversation. See a variety of applications on Office Snapshots and our Pinterest board.

Today, we’re excited to announce that our global best-seller is enhanced with a new knit design celebrating the chair’s unique form while still offering its beloved airy and breathable back performance.The knit modification to smooths bulky transition lines without compromising the breathability of the mesh back.


SW_1 Seating has a more sophisticated, refined design – the new, enhanced knit eliminates the original knit transition lines, celebrating the chair’s unique form.


You can refresh your space by updating the knit color on your existing SW_1 Seating by ordering the new, enhanced knit service part assemblies.


The same color palette you’ve come to love will be available in the new knit design. Now you can customize your SW_1 Seating and table bases with the new Coalesse Color program. Choose any standard paint color or any color to match on SW_1 for a truly unique piece.

Get SW_1 Collection planning ideas to incorporate the enhanced SW_1 seating into your next project or space.