Isn’t it interesting that the better we feel, the less we worry about our well-being? The more I learn about well-being, wellness and healthier ways of living and working, the more I want to experiment and improve.

At the same time, the offerings, recommendations and conversations I come across can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Especially living in San Francisco with its amazing food, diversity of gluten-, lactose-, fat-free offerings, yoga boot camps, and outdoor enthusiasm, you could easily start a second career to pursue these promising well-being activities and philosophies. In the end, I try to stick to what works for me on a daily basis and keep an open mind to try new ways to work towards being “well”.

Well-being is an individual responsibility and choice; something we need to pay attention to and dedicate our time, care and love to. We are responsible for our health & happiness – it doesn’t just maintain and renew itself like an evergreen tree. I keep it fun and simple – so being and staying well doesn’t feel like “extra work.”

For me, incorporating little things throughout the day that make me feel better – like eating my daily veggies, biking to work, or setting time aside to go for a run or to a yoga class – make a big difference. The more challenging part is the “mental stuff” like how to not stress about an upcoming long travel day or the unknown and constant changes that are naturally part of my work and life as a researcher living abroad.

That’s where finding ways to practice “mindfulness” and meditation are supposed to help. These days we hear and learn a lot about how corporations are trying to integrate more mindfulness in the context of work. I am curious about the practical steps towards it and am still trying to figure it out as I experiment. I just started taking my first meditation classes to strengthen my “mental muscles.” It opens an interesting perspective on finding new ways to connect your brain and body that eventually can support more mental and physical ease, as well as support focus and clearing the mind – very refreshing and motivating to explore hidden additional mind space to play with.

Meanwhile, a good piece of chocolate and a walk by the ocean always make me feel good and relaxed. It also puts things into perspective, reminding me how lucky I am to have the chance to live and work in this environment of endless well-being options yet to explore.

Food shopping at one of San Francisco’s local grocery stores is a treat. There are so many good ones and you can easily spend a fortune. It’s always tempting to buy and try something new.


My favorite spot at the yoga studio is next to this window where I see the plants outside and enjoy the way the light and fresh air comes in…


Enjoying a fresh made juice at Sow, a little pop-up juice bar in my neighborhood and seeing how they put in all that goodness.


The city offers many green “mini get-aways” – cafés and bars with beautiful backyards, nurseries where you get a great coffee and chill between the plants, as well as natural indoor green growing on walls or in amazing glass terrariums – it seems like everything grows so well over here.