Kuni Automotive, a group of auto dealerships in four states, moved to a new modern office space in Vancouver, Washington. They wanted to rebrand their office, focusing on brightness and openness to attract and retain top talent and improve their brand image to employees and business partners. For a modern type of office with less emphasis on the workstation, we used the Zo product line of storage from Watson and the Series 7 modular desking system from Steelcase in open spaces and private offices. We provided a wide variety of chairs: the ergonomic and aesthetic Think, the collaborative i2i lounge chairs and Cobi conference room chairs, and the Bix Lounge and durable Move chairs for flexible meetings and the employee cafe. Our E-Table line went in the conference room and we also added the Walkstation which combines a workspace with a treadmill.

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Architect: C2K Architecture

Designer: Enfuego Design

Date Completed: 2013

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The Think office chair intuitively responds to the movement of the body to provide comfort. Fully redesigned and reengineered, Think is smart, simple and sustainable.

i2i Lounge Chair

The i2i collaborative office chair was designed to foster collaboration. Users stay more engaged and can retain eye-to-eye contact and eye to information thanks to the unique i2i dual swivel mechanism.

Cobi chair by Steelcase

The cobi office chair by Steelcase was designed to foster collaboration and promote movement, creating a perfect solution for meetings and conference rooms.

Bix Lounge System
Bix Lounge System

Create unique lounge areas and collaborative spaces within office environments using the architecturally inspired line of Bix furniture.

Move by Steelcase

Move stackable side chairs are a durable solution available with a variety of options.

E-Table 2 by Steelcase
E-Table 2

The designer E-Table 2 effortlessly integrates the technology needs of contemporary workspaces with the demand for aesthetically appealing pieces.

Walkstation by Steelcase

Walkstation is a treadmill desk that lets you walk comfortably, burn calories, feel healthier and more energized … all while accomplishing the work you normally do seated.

Series 7
Series 7

The Series 7 height-adjustable table delivers a complete range of ergonomic postural benefits by allowing employees to sit or stand at their whim without disturbing others, maximizing comfort and productivity.