EcoChallenge 2015

From October 15th to October 29th, 23 SmithCFI employees and a handful of family and friends took part in the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) Eco-Challenge. Each of us identified 1 or 2 actions in our daily life that we could improve to become more sustainable and healthier individuals. By logging our actions each day we were able to tally an estimate of our overall achievements. More than 4,000 individuals took part, not just in the Northwest, but around the country and our changing habits added up to create an enormous collective impact.

Out of over 200 teams, SmithCFI finished in 27th place with 1885 points. Below is our team impact analysis:

We saved 948 gallons of water.

We saved 133 lbs of C02.

We enjoyed 28 meatless meals.

We diverted 17 lbs of food waste from entering a landfill.

We saved 3 lbs of paper.

We converted 895 minutes of indoor time to outdoor time.

Well done to all of the participants on creating lasting habits and making an enormous impact! We’ll see you for the 2016 Eco-Challenge.