Workplace Consulting demonstrates how investment in your workplace can help achieve targeted business results within your organization. SmithCFI can guide you through the effects of physical space on your business strategies by analyzing your needs, addressing critical workplace factors, developing work setting recommendations and implementing solutions.

The workplace consists of four key components:

  • Business Process
  • People and Organization
  • Workspace
  • Technology

A change in any one of these four components will affect the others. That is why it is important to maintain a balance between these key components to ensure effective working environments. Once balance is established, your organization can achieve its best results.

The traditional setting of where you do your work has blurred. Professionals can often be found any place but at their desks, as they shift from team spaces to resource centers to conferencing rooms. It is how work gets done today, which changes how we need to think about the workplace.

Working closely together, we can combine your needs with our knowledge of the workplace to provide you with appropriate work settings that add value for your entire organization.

It’s simple…make sure that physical space reflects your strategies and advances the business results you want!